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Purchasing Declaration

Sustainable Procurement Declaration

I.Sustainable Procurement Principles

  1. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Taking responsibility for the social, economic, and environmental impacts of goods or services throughout their life cycle in our procurement process.
  3. Maintaining transparency in procurement decisions that affect sustainable development and encouraging transparency from our suppliers.
  4. Endeavoring to identify any non-compliance throughout the entire supply chain, encouraging our suppliers to adhere to these guidelines, and assessing and resolving related compliance issues.
  5. Seeking solutions that align with sustainable development goals, encouraging innovative procurement measures to promote sustainability throughout the entire supply chain.
  6. Avoiding discrimination and bias in all procurement decisions, providing all suppliers with equal and fair competitive opportunities.
  7. Operating the business based on principles that align with ethical, professional, and legal standards.
  8. Respecting human rights.
  9. Providing a safe and conducive working environment and enhancing opportunities.
  10. Complying with fair labor laws and standards.

II.Environmental Sustainability

  1. Efficiently using resources, conserving energy, and water.
  2. Utilizing products made from materials that are recyclable, made from recycled or biodegradable materials.
  3. Avoiding the use of single-use disposable items and opting for durable and reusable goods.