Name : Precision Heavy Stamping Presses
No. : STD.STS Series

Straight Side Double Crank Power Presses

STD.STS series is designed for the application of high precision, heavy metal stampings works, such as motorcycle and bicycle parts, and home appliance components. Automation provisions, STD can be easily upgraded for progressive robotic or mechanical transfer system.

Product STD-300 STD-400 STD-500STD-600STD-800STD-1000
Capacity-ton 3004005006008001000
Rated Tonnage Point-mm 7979913913913913
Stroke Length-mm 250350300400300400300400300400400450
Strokes Per Minute-S.P.M. 30-5520-3520-4515-3520-4515-3520-4515-3520-4515-3515-3515-30
Die Height (S.D.A.U.)-mm 55070070080075085075090080010009001000
Bolster Area (L.R. x F.B.)-mm 2800x14003200x16003600x14004500x18005000x1800
Slide Area (L.R. x F.B.)-mm 2800x14003200x16004300x16004500x18005000x1800
Product STS-200STS-260STS-300STS-360STS-400STS-500
Capacity-ton 200260300360400500
Rated Tonnage Point-mm 777799
Stroke Length-mm 250250300300300300
Strokes Per Minute-S.P.M. 303030302525
Die Height (S.D.A.U.)-mm 450500550550600650
Bolster Area (L.R. x F.B.)-mm 900x8001000x9001000x9001000x9001100x10001100x1000
Slide Area (L.R. x F.B.)-mm 1000x9001100x10001100x10001100x10001200x11001200x1100
Product STS-600STS-800
Capacity-ton 600800
Rated Tonnage Point-mm 99
Stroke Length-mm 300300
Strokes Per Minute-S.P.M. 2525
Die Height (S.D.A.U.)-mm 650700
Bolster Area (L.R. x F.B.)-mm 1200x11001300x1000
Slide Area (L.R. x F.B.)-mm 1300x12001400x1200
STD.STS Series SeriesFeature
  • Wide bed for large tools.
  • Straight slide steel frame with superior rigidity in one piece or with separated members like the crown, bed, uprights connected by four tie rods pre-stressed hydraulically with nuts.
  • Low-inertia, fast-response, and air-cooled separate clutch & brake.
  • High-performance hydraulic overload protection.
  • Double-geared and twin-end driven gear arrangements.
  • Extra-long, 8-face slide gibbings.
  • Provision for the automatic feed system and the quick die change system.
STD.STS Series SeriesApplication