Name : Transfer Presses
No. : SE4T Series

Straight Side 4-point Transfer Presses

SE4T is applied in sheet metal and parts production in automotive, home appliance industry. This series could achieve multi-stage forming process within one stroke, such as blanking, drawing, piercing, trimming, shaping, curl bending and cutting-off. Namely it’s a highly efficient, automated and multi-processing production line.



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SE4T Series SeriesFeature
  • Energy saving, high production rate.
  • Small floor area, high material utilization ratio.
  • Automatic loading/unloading, one-touch operation of automatic die change.
  • Ultra rigid frame.
  • High gear transmission efficiency, low noise.
  • Resistant to off-center loading.
  • Network for production management could be connected to administrative system like ERP.
SE4T Series SeriesApplication