Name : Generic Stamping Press
No. : GRM / GRA Series

C- frame single crank mechanical press

Manual/ automatic variable slide stroke adjustment. It can be widely used in production process like drawing, bending, marking, flattening, and trimming. This machine can be operated under safety one stroke or continuous mode.

Product GRA-80GRA-110GRA-160GRA-200GRM-80GRM-110
Slide adjusting motor-KWxP 0.4x40.4x40.75x40.75x40.4x40.4x4
Main Motor(Variable)-HPxP VS10x4VS15x4VS15x4VS20x4VS10x4VS15x4
Slide Adjustment-mm 80901001108090
Die height-mm 350-400370-430440-510450-530350-400370-430
Strokes per minute-mm 40-7530-6525-5020-4540-7550
Stroke Length-mm 20-1205020-16020-18020-12520-140
Rated Tonnage Point-mm 520-1406655
Product GRM-160GRM-200
Slide adjusting motor-KWxP 0.75x40.75x4
Main Motor(Variable)-HPxP VS15x4VS20x4
Slide Adjustment-mm 100110
Die height-mm 440-510450-530
Strokes per minute-mm 25-5020-45
Stroke Length-mm 20-16020-180
Rated Tonnage Point-mm 66
GRM / GRA Series SeriesFeature
  • Variable slide stroke, extends processing possibility
  • Super rigid press frame
  • High driving torque wet type clutch & brake
  • Box type Six-point precision gib
  • Low deflection
  • Quick die change systems
GRM / GRA Series SeriesApplication