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Business Ethics Policy

  1. Integrity & Anti-Corruption
    Adhere to the principles of integrity, oppose corruption and bribery, and prohibit any form of corrupt, bribery, or improper gain behavior.
  2. Conflict of Interest Prevention
    Prohibit participation in or involvement in behaviors conflicting with company interests to ensure fairness in business transactions.
  3. Anti-Money Laundering
    Comply with anti-money laundering regulations and refrain from engaging in money laundering or other illicit financial transactions.
  4. Fair Competition
    Abide by regulations related to fair trade and conduct business activities based on the principle of fair competition.
  5. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
    Respect intellectual property rights and comply with relevant regulations concerning intellectual property.
  6. Compliance with Confidentiality Obligations
    Protect the personal information of clients, suppliers, employees, and other relevant stakeholders, and adhere to relevant regulatory requirements during collection, processing, and utilization.