2005.09  An Ice-Breaking Boat Sails  for Automotive Industry

Chin Fong Machine Industrial Co., Ltd. declares to the public for a great achievement in the Company development, Chin Fong had completed the production for a 8000 kN blanking press (BL4-800-500-260), which is the biggest being built but also the largest one for the automotive sheet metal forming. Chin Fong gathers the production resource inside the Group including Taiwan, China and Japan, to build for this advance-tech stamping machine. This 800-ton blanking press is believed that is the largest one in Taiwan, China and even in Asia. Except this press is 100% designed, manufactured and assembled by Chin Fong alone, the most proudly achievement to Chin Fong is this press can be built from order placement, design, materials, production, assembly to pre-shipment inspection within the incredible 8 months. This achievement definitely is a milestone in Chin Fong history, thus, Chin Fong can supply to the market of automotive industry for a fully automatic integration system - from shearing, coiling, uncoiling, blanking, washing, stamping, transferring, pilling and restacking, a complete of AA-size tandem press line.

Most tremendous features of this BL4-800 blanking press is this 800 metric tons press capable to produce the blanks for A0 class press (2600 in width x 5000 in length) at the speed of 60 spm (strokes per minute). What more, the accuracy of this press is designed to comply with the required level; the top class of the well-known standards in the world. This 800-ton blanking press will be delivered to the factory of Thyssenkrupp Zhong-Ren Tailored Blanks,Ltd. (TZTB), which is one of the most important investment of Germany steel supplier, Thyssenkrupp Group, in China. The blanks to be stamped by this BL4-800 will be supplying for the vehicle body-panel and car-door of thicker laser-welding steel which both its surface-fineness and size-precision are extremely and critically required. To be understood, this is the first try of Thyssenkrupp to bring the non-German-made press into her production. Simultaneously, in Wuhan, the major buyer of TZTB-made blanks, China Wuhan Honda Motor, has investing for one tandem press line which is in consist of three (3) sets 4-point 1000 metric tonnage presses. This 3 sets of 1000 tons presses are made by Chin Fong Machine (China) Industrial Co., Ltd., which is the biggest production base in Chin Fong Group. As the estimate, this 3 sets of 1000-ton presses will be delivered to Wuhan Honda Motor on October of this year.