Name : Precision Heavy Stamping Presses
No. : KW2 Series

High precision progressive knuckle presses

KW2 series offer the high rigidit frame and high precision, generally applied for automotive and motorbike parts, and progressive die production.

Product KW2-260KW2-400KW2-600KW2-800KW2-1000KW2-1200
Slide adjusting motor-KWxP 1.5x43.7x487.5x67.5x67.5x4
Main Motor(Variable)-HPxP 40x475x4200175x4175x4250x4
Slide Adjustment-mm 507525-45120120150
Die height-mm 450450600650650650
Strokes per minute(Variable)-S.P.M. 35-5025-5010025-4020-3520-35
Strokes length-mm 120180125x4200250250
Rated Tonnage Point-mm 883.7x6888
KW2 Series SeriesFeature
  • Super rigid steel frame
  • Minimum frame deflection
  • Longer BDC dwelling time
  • Wide bed dimension and 8-point gibs
  • Knuckle-joint double crank mechanism
  • High sensitivity overload protector
KW2 Series SeriesApplication